Game settings

1:All skills, latest career, perfect without errors.Perfect awakening

2:On the line to send permanent: clothing, wings, tail, printing.

3:Perfect career, perfect transformation, costume transformation

4:Shopping malls hundreds of sets of nostalgic costumes

5:Free labor can also get shopping mall props

6:Clothing synthesis, equipment evolution, elves, pet growth

7:Good server speed, so you have no delay.

8:This is the latest and most perfect dragon nest. We look forward to your arrival.

Burst rate: X5
Experience: X10
Gold coins: X50
On the line 80 full level 95 to send +20 equipment set
On the line will be presented permanent clothing wings tattoo print pet mounts
Nest points obtained in game Points points Nightmares points Social points, etc.
Can exchange a variety of props in the mall to exchange the latest dragon egg
Contains all the special weapons rolls of the old series Mount Horses Wings
Tattoo printing, etc. A lot of treasure items.